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At S.O.S. your story matters…

We are Legal Document Assistants (when we work directly with consumers*), and Paralegals (when working for consumers through attorneys**). Since 1994 S.O.S. has assisted the public in preparing and submitting court forms related to their family law, small claims, real estate, and simple estate planning matters. When embarking upon self-representation in court matters, the court will hold you to the same standard that it applies to attorneys. Therefore, it is essential that you file the correct documents, on a timely basis, and comply with rules of court.

Although we are not attorneys, we can provide you with forms, and complete them at your direction, provide procedural information, or refer you to another source. Although we cannot represent you in court, we can help you to be better prepared. For matters requiring legal advice or review, we will direct you to an attorney for a consultation or for information concerning alternative dispute resolution (i.e. efforts to settle matters outside of court).

To help defray costs, if you have a matter set in family court for limited issues (e.g. spousal support only) and do not understand the law or are not comfortable representing yourself, you can hire an attorney to work on a “limited scope” basis, while we can prepare the time consuming forms and otherwise assist, at the express direction of your consulting attorney.

Remember: We are here to listen to your story, treat you with respect and dignity, perform services on your behalf, and provide you with information and sources to help you more comfortably and diligently navigate the legal process.



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