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S.O.S. is a “fax filing agency” as defined under California Rules of Court, Rule 2.303. Because Nevada County Courts do not accept facsimile transmissions directly from the parties or their attorney of record, the Court refers those in need of this service to “fax filing agencies” such as S.O.S. We charge $35 per trip and $1 per incoming scan/fax (up to 25 pages, then our per page fee reduces incrementally).

To avoid a rush fee, transmit your documents by 2:00 p.m. for filing the same day at the Nevada City branch of the Superior Court [we do not travel to the Truckee branch] You may either scan (Nevada County allows this) or fax your document(s) to us, and we will:

    1) Prepare the document so that it complies with California Court Rules;
    2) Physically transport the document to the court in Nevada City; and
    3) File the document with the court, paying any applicable filing fees.

As a fax filing agent, we are certifying that we have complied with the rules of court and that the document filed is the full and unaltered fax-produced document.

We are also able to review and / or obtain copies of court records or records from the Nevada County Recorder’s Office, at your direction.

Please contact our office by 2:00 p.m. to confirm same day service,
at (530) 265-0192. Upon confirmation, FAX your document to
(530) 265-0197 or email your document to connie@soslda.com.